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About Us

Communication agency “GlavSovetnik” was founded in 2002. Our goal is to introduce qualitatively new humanitarian information technologies.

One of the main tasks of the agency is to provide clients with operational information, analytics, research in the field of politics and economics from the regions of Russia, to provide services for conducting advertising and PR campaigns in the regions of Russia with the involvement of the largest and most authoritative media resources of the country, as well as the development and implementation of multi-format projects.

The agency has ample opportunities and a high-quality partnership network for the implementation of a variety of tasks to build a reputation, promote a product or service, ideas and projects of public, commercial and government organizations. A wide base of experts (political scientists, economists, sociologists) makes it possible to enhance the effect of the information campaigns carried out.

Our key advantage is experience and broad opportunities to work in the regions of Russia for organizing information and research campaigns, events and projects. Well-built logistics, the presence of representative offices, managers that are engaged in many cities of the country, allow us to implement complex tasks in the best possible way, sometimes simultaneously in several regions and cities.

With the support of CA “Glavniy Sovetnik” over 120 advertising campaigns and complex projects were organized for companies in the oil and gas, energy, metallurgical, banking and construction sectors, as well as in real estate.

The experience of implementing federal objectives for the largest organizations in Russia confirms the high quality of our services and strength at the regional level.

CA “Glavniy Sovetnik” is a member of professional associations in the field of PR and communications: the Association of Companies of Consultants in the Field of Public Relations (AKOS), the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (AKAR), the Russian Association for Public Relations (RASO), ESOMAR.