Working with the media
Integrated communication with the media in the best interest of our clients
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Working with the media

Integrated communication with the media in the best interest of our clients
  • Our professional writers will quickly and efficiently prepare the text following editorial standards
  • Creating content in your info-style with high informational value
  • Speechwriting. Proposing topics and developing texts of public statements for your representatives
  • Offering text solutions to attract potential customers and target audience loyalty
  • Taking on subscriber content support: writing an analytical, business, advertising text according to your brief
Media analytics
  • Conducting a media analysis of the information field, taking into account your interests
  • Measuring your media activity and analyzing the media activity of your competitors
  • Identifying potential reputational risks and threats and assessing the degree of influence on the company / person
  • Forming individual monitoring of domestic and foreign media and social media in real time
  • Preparing a retrospective content analysis of the media environment
Working with the official and alternative media
  • Coming up with cool news feeds, developing ideas for high-profile events and actions and drawing the attention of the media to them
  • Organizing information campaigns and information waves with an audience of 10 million people
  • Creating a media map for you
  • Publishing and ensuring the distribution of publications about you in the media
  • Instantly increasing the citation rate in the media. Displaying stories in top news
  • Providing instant indexing in the news aggregators Yandex-News and Google News
Press service
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive program to promote your company in the media
  • Organizing a press event anywhere in the world
  • Taking on the media support of your participation in events and trips: inviting journalists, organizing press approaches and media programs of the event
  • Working out incoming requests and communications with media representatives on any issues. Creating the right information background
  • Ensuring the visibility of your brand in the media field. Increasing the level of information presence in the media
  • Preparing press clipping, info-analytical and press materials in the required format
  • Attracting federal and regional information partners to make any event as effective as possible
  • Conducting educational seminars and trainings on working with the media
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Digital communications
Business promotion in the digital environment
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Digital communications

Business promotion in the digital environment
  • Performing a full cycle of SMM work: from creating a group and channels to promotion and support
  • Assessing the positioning of the company in social media
  • Setting up communication flows in the blog field and attracting the attention of media influencers to your topics
  • Creating viral content and organizing online activities
  • Upgrading and promoting your online communities by combining target and crops in social networks
  • Providing the most effective representation of your brand in search engines
  • Analyzing the search results
  • Measuring the current performance of your site, analyzing your competitors and composing the semantic core
  • Selecting an individual SEO strategy
  • Promoting your site and bringing it to the top results for search queries, increasing coverage and traffic
  • Carrying out internal and external website optimization
Targeted advertising
  • Fine-tuning the targeting, taking into account specific tasks of your business
  • Identifying and segmenting the target audience
  • Creating mind maps and offers
  • Launching, testing and optimizing advertising campaigns
  • Static and dynamic retargeting
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Reputation management. ORM and SERM
Taking care of your reputation 24/7
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Reputation management. ORM and SERM

Taking care of your reputation 24/7
  • Improving ratings of customer feedbacks
  • Tracking and analyzing comments
  • Removing unreliable and deliberately false information, negative publication from the search engine results. Taking on the legal side of the issue
  • Anti-crisis ORM. Working out the negative with the help of counter-content
  • Repelling any bot attack
  • Composing and implementing a SERM program (search engine reputation management)
  • Forming a favorable image of a brand or person in the search results
  • Increasing the number of positive mentions in search engine results
  • Publishing optimized reviews and comments on recommendation services, reviewers
  • Creating threads on thematic trust forums with key queries
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Event marketing anywhere in the world
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Event marketing anywhere in the world
Business events
  • Holding an event of any format and scale in the context of the business tasks solved by the client
  • Implementing socially significant projects related to the strategic development of territories
  • Profitably representing the brand using the latest event technologies
  • Developing a concept and scenario of events taking into account the topic and the formation of interest in it from the press
  • Preparing organic content for promotion channels
  • Offering creative solutions for participation and integration, design and decoration
  • Inviting experts with high competence, representatives of state and public organizations of the federal and regional levels
Intra-corporate events
  • Organizing multi-format events "for communication" on technological platforms
  • Selecting a comfortable and safe area from a stylish loft to a VR zone
  • Coming up with smart scenarios and training programs for corporate team building
  • Providing photo and video coverage of the event
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of the event
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Media service and complex analytics
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Media service and complex analytics
Sociological research
  • Carrying out a full range of research combining traditional and innovative research approaches
  • Studying and analyzing socio-political and economic processes
  • Carrying out individual research and expertise with a wide range of methods and tools to solve your problems
  • Composing questionnaires using paper questionnaires (PAPI) and tablet computers (CAPI)
  • Preparing an analytical report based on the research results
Ratings and rankings
  • Investigating the activities of public organizations and political parties
  • Identifying the position of your company in the market in its niche
  • Showing your strengths and compare them with competitors
  • Conducting a study of the characteristics of your company and their value for various groups of target audiences
  • Conveying your benefits to the target audience
Marketing research
  • Analyzing the market potentials for the brand's products
  • Identifying your competitive advantages, carrying out a comparative analysis with competitors
  • Analyzing the common ground of customers with the company and identifying barriers to interaction
  • Defining key representatives of target audience groups using the "character method"
  • Collecting and analyzing data using sociological research of any complexity
  • Carrying out a media analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Researching foreign markets (Asia, Africa, Europe)
  • Wrapping analytics in any format that is convenient for you
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Turn-key communication design
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Turn-key communication design
Design Studio
  • Coming up with original creative images for any projects
  • Presenting information in static or animated infographics
  • Bringing your story to life with sketch illustrations
  • Offering non-standard design solutions for printing and souvenir products
  • Creating cool merch
  • Interactive design. Making user interfaces expressive and easy to use
  • Creative solutions for digital projects: websites, social networks, multimedia presentations
Brand identity
  • Developing a unique visual concept of a corporate or personal brand
  • Creating a corporate identity based on your brand metaphor
  • Collecting the elements of identity in a brand book and write a guideline
  • Identity redesignай
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Close-up demonstration of the brand
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Close-up demonstration of the brand
Audiovisual communication
  • Visualizing the meanings, coming up with a key motto, writing a treatment, drawing up a grid for the development of an idea, broken down into flights
  • Videography and motion design: telling any story in style, without involving actors
  • Creating 3D animation to draw attention to your business idea
  • Animating the logo, making a video business card, video presentation, video backgrounds, creating an intro
  • Recording audio or video podcasts
Video production
  • Translating your ideas into brand media content
  • Turn-key multimedia material from script preparation to final editing
  • Creating any video materials for your marketing strategies: multimedia presentations, game or animated clips
  • Creative videos in various formats: brand image video, showreel, video messages, social and promotional videos
  • Shooting and editing a corporate film in the concept of your event
  • Making viral videos and conversion clips for the clout and promotion of your brand
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Creation of companies and businesses on the Internet
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Creation of companies and businesses on the Internet
Website design and development
  • Developing an attractive website with convenient usability and a unique SEO structure
  • Selecting and configuring hosting and domain name
  • Offering a unique design of web pages
  • Adapting the design and layout for all types of devices (desktop, smartphone and tablet)
  • Creating a mobile version of the site
  • Developing effective landing pages
Integrated development of mobile applications
  • Packing complex processes into a simple and understandable application
  • Composing a description of the functionality and design of the future application
  • Preparing a roadmap for the mobile application
  • Developing applications using cross-platform solutions for modern software
  • Checking usability and compatibility with different devices and platforms
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Focusing communications on goal achievement
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Focusing communications on goal achievement
Strategic consulting
  • Providing consultations and implementing projects in commercial and political fields at the international, federal and regional levels
  • Conducting a marketing analysis
  • Assessing the competitive environment and determining the market niche for your supply
  • Developing a marketing strategy: defining the target audience, describing markets and sales sites, making recommendations on pricing policy and all types of communications
  • Developing a targeted communication strategy for a product, corporate or personal brand
Communication consulting
  • Auditing your political / public communications and assessing their effectiveness
  • Developing a strategy for an information or propaganda campaign for elections of any level, public or social project
  • Providing a "turn-key" campaign or the implementation of any of its stages
  • Organizing a debate or a public discussion
  • Offering ideas for advertising and propaganda visual, audio and video materials
Legal support of election campaigns
  • Helping with legal support of candidates and political parties at all stages of the election campaign
  • Organizing collection of signatures and preliminary verification of signature lists
  • Preparing documents for registration of candidates with further support
  • Preparing candidates during the election campaign
  • Taking on the representation of candidates’ interests in courts and election commissions
  • Preparing the monitoring of competitors' activities. Composing a list of claims upon discovering violations
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Analytics in the fields
of politics and economics
Major media