Working with the media

Publications in the mass media are a tool for forming a positive brand image and demonstrating its expert level. In our company, you can order a comprehensive communication with the media.

What is working with mass media

PR-work with the media is a set of actions that are associated with the movement of communication goals with the help of the media. This service includes:

  • updating the media map (a list of media selected by subject with detailed data on resources);
  • selection of the most suitable media for a specific purpose;
  • creation of informational reasons for publications;
  • writing texts that meet the task;
  • placement of materials in the media;
  • expert commentary on topical issues and much more.

Why do I need to work with the media

The placement of publications in the media helps to increase expertise, brand awareness, stand out among competitors. A user reading news in a favorite online or offline source gets used to the presentation and style of the material, looks at the world from the same angle and shares the values of the authors. By posting publications in the media where the target audience is located, the brand can “reach out” to it and increase sales of goods and services.

Natural mentions in the media allow you to achieve the following results:

  • show the importance of the brand in the market;
  • increase loyalty or restore reputation;
  • introduce customers to new services or products.

What we offer

High-quality PR work with the media affects the entire sales funnel. The number of customers and their loyalty grows along with brand awareness. Comprehensive communication with the media in the company “Chief Adviser” includes services in three areas: media analytics, work with alternative and official media and press service.

As part of media analytics:
  • media analysis of the information field is carried out taking into account the interests of the customer;
  • the media activity of the brand is measured;
  • the media activity of competitors is analyzed;
  • potential reputational threats and risks are identified, the degree of their impact on a person or company is assessed;
  • individual monitoring of foreign and domestic social media and mass media is being formed in real time;
  • a retrospective content analysis of the media environment is being prepared.

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Working with official and alternative media presupposes:
  • search for information guides, developing the idea of resonant actions and events, attracting media attention to them;
  • organization of information campaigns and infowaves with an audience of 10 million people;
  • creating a media map of the media;
  • publishing and ensuring the dissemination of material in the media;
  • instant increase in citation in the media;
  • provide instant indexing news aggregators News and “Yandex-news”.

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The press service includes:
  • development and implementation of a program to promote the company in the media;
  • organization of a press event;
  • media support of the client’s participation in trips and events;
  • processing incoming requests and communication with media representatives;
  • ensuring brand visibility in the media field;
  • preparation of press clipping, information-analytical and press materials;
  • involvement of regional and federal partners;
  • conducting training sessions and seminars on working with the media.

The placement of publications in the media is one of the main components of business success. Our specialists will help you stand out from the competition, attract potential customers, and increase brand or company awareness.