The National Advertising Forum “Regions” will be held on September 7 and 8 in Yekaterinburg. More than 60 speakers simultaneously at three sites in non-stop mode will cover the maximum of topics of concern to the industry: from digital to regional television, from creativity to marketing, from the results of the pandemic year to the challenges of the future.


The program of the forum is full of business sessions, educational discussions, author’s speeches by industry leaders in the Public Talk format. The organizers made sure that speakers and guests received relevant content and useful networking in one place.


On the first day, a business program is planned


Trends and technologies


The topic of the main discussion was “Pandemic as a growth point for a new advertising market”. Top industry experts will discuss how the coronavirus has changed the life of the industry. Speakers will present analytics on the changing demands of the audience and advertisers, discuss the effectiveness and relevance of marketing tools. Several sessions at the NAF are devoted to trends, Martech technologies and the possibilities of automating the processes in the evaluation of advertising campaigns.


Research and analytics


Relevant figures on media consumption, analytics on the quality of the audience, the value of the advertising market, including in the regional context, will be presented at the NAF “Regions”. According to the organizers of the forum, a number of studies and data will be announced for the first time in Yekaterinburg.


Thematic summits


Substantive sessions on the future of TV advertising, digitalization of outdoor advertising and trends in the audio industry will also take place on the first day. Participants will receive comprehensive information on market values, new formats of communication with the audience and approaches that are just emerging in each of these areas.


For entrepreneurs


For small and medium-sized businesses, an expert session will be held on how to create advertising campaigns with a minimum budget and maximum effect.


Development of the regional advertising market


Strategic plans for the development of the industry and discussion of new growth points will be formulated at a general meeting of the participants of ACAR Regions. Agencies from different regions of the country will present successful cases and discuss common market problems.


The second day of the NAF “Regions” will be dedicated to creativity


Workshops, lectures, and public talks with the participation of top managers of advertising agencies – leaders of the ACAR creative rating – will be held at three forum sites.




The central discussion of the second day will be the conversation «The future of Russian creativity. Advertising: “What will happen next?”». Experts will discuss the current trend of the “correctness” of creativity, its teaching function, popularization of social, ethnic, environmental problems, and, of course, where creativity will develop further.




In the remaining sections and solo performances, experts will talk about the future of Russian creativity, collaborations between brands, the “advantageous distinction” of cinema as video content, digital media mix, gamification, digital tools and non-standard solutions for promotion.


Public relations


In addition, on the second day of the forum, the topic of PR will be touched upon: the use of AR technologies, art collaborations, special projects and social experiments for promoting.




Also, the organizers prepared a motivational and festival apartment house with the country’s top creative people. In it, the participants in a “heart-to-heart” format will try to figure out where success begins and what to do after the first breakthrough.




An interactive feature of the second day will be the show “Let us Collaborate”, where the moderator will bring business owners onto the stage and select bloggers for them on live.




At the end of the second day of the NAF “Regions”, an award ceremony will take place for the First Advertising Festival – 1st, where the best creative advertising cases from agencies, brands and freelancers from all over the country will be named.


A wide range of topics, a variety of speakers and formats within the forum make it a truly unique event for advertisers. Everyone who visits the NAF “Regions” will be able to understand what exactly is happening now both in its narrow professional segment and in the advertising industry in general.


NAF “Regions” is a new project of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia aimed at developing the advertising industry outside the capital. NAF “Regions” brings together local agencies and brands, as well as the largest federal players and leading experts in the Russian advertising industry on one platform


Speakers of the NAF “Regions” are advertising practitioners from agencies, sites, technology platforms, brands, media holdings and research companies.


The idea of ​​a separate large-scale forum with a regional agenda was supported not only by local players, but also by global Russian holdings, companies and platforms. The business program will be attended by top managers and experts from Gazprom-Media, Mediascope, National Advertising Alliance, Gallery, sales house EVEREST, Choose Radio Company Group, Yandex.Business, Deltaplan Group, as well as speakers from Group. The festival program includes directors of leading advertising agencies that have won professional recognition in Russia and at the international level, such as BBDO, Advertising Agency “Voskhod”, e:mg Group, Red Collar, as well as the Skillbox educational platform. In total, more than 60 experts from the advertising industry from all over the country will gather at the NAF Regions platform.


At the same time, the organizers also took care of the safety of experts and guests of the forum; all epidemiological requirements will be met at the site.