On July 7, 2022, the conference “Challenges 2030 Sustainable development of regions”, dedicated tothe 20th anniversary of the ESG and Sustainable Development Committee of the Association of Managers, will take place.

Time: from 10.3 to 18

Place: Moscow, PressMIA (International multimedia press center) “Russia Today”, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4

Format: offline + online

Registration: by link

The topic of sustainable development and ESG transformation has become an integral part of the state and business agenda. Companies, striving to meet the needs of all stakeholder groups in the regions oftheir presence, are rebuilding strategies in accordance with the principles of environmental and social responsibility. In times of uncertainty, the search for a balance between environmental, social and economic issues and corporate governance problems not only come to the fore, but also become dominant.

For more than twenty years, the Association of Managers has been studying the world practices of sustainable development and ESG, popularizing and implementing it in Russia. The Association’s members – the largest domestic and foreign companies — have unique experience in the field of ESG transformation, are ready to share it for the sake of the effective development of Russian territories and they invite all parties interested in the sustainable development of Russian regions to join the dialogue.

The Conference participants — heads of regions, heads of Russian and international companies,representatives of the media, expert organizations – will analyze the current conditions, share cases of environmental and social programs in the regions of presence and programs to attract investors,experience of interaction with regional administrations in order to jointly work out further steps for the formation of ESG strategies of territories optimal in the current conditions.

The conference program can be found by following the link.