Communication in a crisis

One of the main goals of a full-time PR manager of a large company is to promptly comment on any problem that arises. Better yet, in the very first hours of the crisis, organize a press conference, which will be attended by the top officials of the company.


Julia Bayer, a member of the Spanish Association of Political Science and Public Administration, PhD in Sociology, shared her opinion on crisis management. The expert says: “It is very important to inform the public. An organization that takes into account the interests of the public and the safety of the consumer, maintains its reputation and position in the market”.


During a press conference, there are 4 important points to follow:


  • admit that there is a problem;
  • give out basic facts. Honesty is the best position;
  • come up with a key and emotional phrase that journalists can place in the heading of the article;
  • firmly reassure reporters that you will keep them informed and promptly report new facts.


As events unfold, the company’s experts should comment on the situation. And the final news about overcoming the crisis will be best communicated by the CEO.

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