In honor of the anniversary on June 25, the project “Drugoe Delo” (“Another matter”) of the presidential platform “Russia is the Land of Opportunities”, with the support of the St. Petersburg TV channel, held a conference “Ways to motivate young people with the help of the project «Drogoe Delo»: a bridge for dialogue between youth, government and business”.

Representatives of volunteer organizations, the leadership of the presidential platform “Russia is the Land of Opportunities” and its project “Drugoe Delo” together with representatives of the expert community discussed how to help the younger generation find themselves, solve youth problems and involve children in public and volunteer work. About two hundred people participated in the discussion.

More than twenty speakers together with the audience discussed topical issues related to the development of youth, their self-determination, difficulties in organizing a joint dialogue with the older generation, as well as how modern teenagers can recognize fakes on the Internet and deal with them.

At the plenary session, the participants were addressed by Anton Serikov, Deputy General Director ofthe presidential platform “Russia is the Land of Opportunities”, Kirill Khvil, head of the project “DrugoeDelo” of the presidential platform “Russia is the Land of Opportunities”, Sergey Kolyada, head of the communications department of the presidential platform “Russia is the Land of Opportunities”, Roman Volkovsky, vice-chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy of St. Petersburg, and political scientist Dmitry Solonnikov. At the discussion platforms, the speaking experts were scientists from St. Petersburg State University, RANEPA, PR workers, journalists, psychologists, political scientists, representatives ofyouth organizations.

“The reason for the meeting was one year since the beginning of the project “Drugoe Delo”, which stimulates positive activity among young people and much more. This is not only volunteering,environmental actions, but also an opportunity for self-development. The great success of the project was that it collected a certain poster of good deeds in one place. A young person who wants to spend time usefully will find a lot of activities in one place. For this, he or she gets the opportunity, for example, to undergo a professional internship in companies, where it is not always possible to get accepted, even while studying at the university. At the conference, we openly discussed what is interesting to young people”, said Anton Serikov, Deputy General Director of the presidential platform“Russia is the Land of Opportunities”.

“We have made the liveliest dialogue between the youth, representatives of government, business and public organizations. This format proved to be successful: young participants of the conference actively joined the work of both the plenary session and all the venues, asked experts a lot of questions and put forward their ideas. The conference showed that the Russian youth today has something to tell. Such platforms help children to unlock their potential, as well as to bring problems and proposals to the highest level”, said Kirill Khvil, head of the project “Drugoe Delo” of the presidential platform “Russia isthe Land of Opportunities”.

PR Director of the Communication Agency “GlavSovetnik” Anna Petrovskaya took part as an expert inthe section “Youth and Business. Professional internships”.

“Internship and practice programs are extremely important for students and young professionals. Only in practice can you understand how everything works in real life. But it is also a huge value for business– companies have the opportunity to train and raise highly professional staff for themselves”,commented Anna Petrovskaya.

Many reports related to the employment and migration of young professionals. For example, political strategist Sergey Grigoriev spoke about how to attract IT specialists to stay in Russia. Alexandra Ryaboshapka, a student of the St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, an activist of the project “Drugoe Delo”, offered her ideas on how to promote student work inbig science, and Victoria Voronkova, the leading manager of educational projects of VK, told about career opportunities for VKontakte for young people.