Image ratings

Microdistrict “Akademicheskiy” in Yekaterinburg – a mass development of multi-storey buildings with not the most convenient transport interchange and serious remoteness from the city center.


The task of the CA “Glavniy Sovetnik” was to form a positive image of the microdistrict: to show the positive aspects of the microdistrict, and thereby dispel negative statements.


To solve this problem, the Research and Social Projects Department of the CA “Glavniy Sovetnik” analyzed all areas of the city of Yekaterinburg according to several groups of parameters, which formed an image product with a series of ratings demonstrating an unjustified negative assessment of the area, as well as comparing it with other areas of the city for broadcasting it undeniable advantages.


The published series of ratings favorably highlighted the advantages of the microdistrict in the context of different groups of Central Asia. In the information field, the number of negative assessments of the microdistrict has decreased, an alternative point of view has appeared in the comments in social media and in media materials that supports the idea of a rating.

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