LSR. Real Estate – North-West


“Glavniy Sovetnik” has many years of successful experience of cooperation with one of the largest developers in Russia, a recognized major in the residential real estate market. Reputation management is based on continuous monitoring of mentions of the brand and the Developer’s projects in the mass media and social media. By the beginning of the working day, the Client receives a detailed summary of relevant brand mentions and current projects over the past day. Mentions are divided into several thematic blocks. For each of the references, an informational occasion, tonality, potential audience is determined, in some cases a number of other parameters are given.


It should be emphasized that the informational occasion and tone of references are determined exclusively by the specialists of the monitoring service. Despite the development of automated services for determining sentiment and calculating reputation risks, none of them currently provide the reliability that is necessary for making operational management decisions.


The daily monitoring notification contains from 100 to 300 or more messages, including messages from sensitive sources. Only messages containing the brand or the project rating are included in the notification. At the same time, the assessment can be both emotionally expressed and neutral. Contextual mentions of the brand or projects are “weeded out” at the stage of preparing a notification.


As a result of working with the information field, the brand’s position among the target audience has increased. And due to the effective implementation of the communication strategy, negativity is regularly leveled out, including the instances due to miscalculations of the local authorities in the planning of territories, and in some cases due to unfriendly activity of competitors.


LSR-Construction. Ural


The project for managing the reputation of one of the largest developers in Russia in general and in Yekaterinburg in particular provides for constant monitoring of mentions of the company’s brand and brand projects in the mass media and social media and for the reaction to the current agenda using available tools for working with social networks.


Monitoring is carried out continuously, the Client receives two types of reports – daily and monthly. The daily report is created five times a week and contains systematic links to publications that mention a fixed set of keywords. Depending on the information agenda and user activity, such mentions can be from 30 to 80 per day. For each of the references, an informational occasion, tonality, and the number of responses are determined.


As a result of working with the information field, over two years it was possible to increase the average ratio of positive and negative brand mentions (by about 25-30%), to level out activities that pose reputational risks for the Developer’s brand and individual projects. It was also possible to increase the attention of users on certain promotions and events held by the Client in order to increase the attractiveness of the objects being sold.