In the first month of its existence, the Anti-Crisis Consulting Center created by the communication agency “GlavSovetnik” has processed more than 100 appeals, 36 entrepreneurs affected by the restrictive measures introduced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.


According to Boris Molodov, the executive director of the “GlavSovetnik”, “basically we are talking about the possibilities of adapting business to new conditions: the possibilities of using online formats, finding new audiences and using the potential of social networks”.


Here are just a few stories that the center’s consultants had to face.


Olga, the owner of a small fitness club in Yekaterinburg, was forced to refuse to rent the premises. Fitness centers are closed, the landlord did not want to meet halfway. Olga had just heard about remote fitness courses and decided to try a new format. Our agency’s SMM specialists told her which platforms are better to use for such training and to promote one’s services.


Olga and two other instructors who worked at the club are mastering new technologies. The income from online classes allows them to keep themselves afloat, but, of course, Olga hopes that the club will be able to resume work in the same format and, in the meantime, negotiating and new premises for the future.


Irina, an individual entrepreneur from the city of Vladivostok, rented a room for an atelier and was also forced to close due to the inability to pay rent. Now she is engaged in home repair and tailoring. We told her how best to post information in local online communities on social networks, came up with a logistics scheme for her – how to make the delivery of things contactless. Irina managed to almost completely preserve her income, but, of course, it is not easy for her to work without fitting.


Oleg, a farmer from the Moscow region. His farm grows champignons and oyster mushrooms. Previously, they were sold in the market of one of the cities near Moscow. Now there are almost no buyers there. We offered him to do the delivery of his products to small summer cottages, talked about the technologies of working in messengers. Oleg is pleased. Sales of his products even rose, although shipping overheads also increased.


“For many entrepreneurs today, working online is actually the only way to keep going. This is especially true for the service sector. Online format became its real lifesaver. To small businesses that contact us, we advise them to look and pay attention to the “Instagram” platform – to find their costumers and demonstrate their product in all its glory with the help of this resource, it is quite simple for many businesses. Of course, this kind of work requires some effort – you need to pay attention to the design of the profile, think over an advertising campaign with well-tuned targeting”, says Daniil Ivashin, Head of the Social Media Department of the “GlavSovetnik”.


Many questions received at the Center are related to the possibilities of obtaining state support – subsidies and benefits, as well as legal disputes – mainly with tenants and creditors. Legal partners of the project help to solve them.


Thus, the specialists of the “Moskonstalt” law firm helped the owner of women’s clothing stores Svetlana to resolve the conflict with the supplier, whom she could not pay on time for a new collection of clothing. Thanks to the help of the partners of the Center, Svetlana managed to conclude an agreement on changing the terms of payment.


Igor, the owner of a karaoke bar, was forced to temporarily close his establishment due to the pandemic. Due to lack of income, he did not have the opportunity to make timely payment of rent and utility bills for May, but he did not want to lose the premises, as he devoted many years to the promotion of his establishment, and this place was quite popular. At the same time, the landlord threatened to terminate the contract in case of non-payment. This conflict was also resolved thanks to the Mosconsult specialists.


It is not only entrepreneurs who call and write to the Center – there have been many calls from people who have lost their jobs during the crisis, from people who find themselves in isolation, who rather need psychological counseling. “Unfortunately, all we can do in these situations is to give public telephone numbers of specialized services”, says B.Molodov.


The head of the “GlavSovetnik” emphasizes that the company intends to actively develop the work of the Center as long as it is in demand, since the market has received a serious shake-up, the environment has changed and small and medium-sized companies will have to make serious efforts to fit into it, find effective ways of communication with the audience.


“We would like to give the opportunity to keep the business, as many companies as possible to stay afloat, to keep employment. We believe that thanks to our help it will be possible, maybe not for everyone, but for many. We will be glad if our initiative finds a response from the media, from lawyers and financial consultants, from representatives of large business, primarily the banking sector. Thus, we will be able to significantly expand the support that our Center provides to its clients. We invite everyone to become partners of the Anti-Crisis Consulting Center”, says B.Molodov.