It is a common phenomenon among young companies that they do not know where to start PR-promotion. Chaotic experiments begin, various communication channels and formats, material placement sites and the like, but the expectations do not justify the results.


Better to discard the idea of ​​mindless low-impact PR. To avoid such failures, you need to thoroughly approach planning in several stages:


  1. Develop a promotion strategy. Yes, it won’t do without one. This is the starting point for any company, with outlined processes and a specific ending. The minimum promotion period is 3 months.
  2. Analyze your competitors. Know its distinguishing features as well as its weaknesses. Learn from your competitors to get better.
  3. Know the specifics of your business. Study the characteristic features of the promotion channels in your area, the target audience and its interests.
  4. Create an advertising budget. Do not forget that saving at the start leads to a disastrous ending. It is necessary to optimize an advertising campaign in a process when the main channels are clear and all interaction mechanisms are tested.


To create the entire concept of promotion, our company employs more than 50 specialists from the field of marketing technologies and each of them is ready to develop a promotion strategy for your company, conduct marketing research or organize PR support.