For several years, the “GlavSovetnik” Communication Agency has been conducting a reputation management campaign for the largest Russian real estate developers in order to create a positive imageof companies in the SMM space.

The main problems, on which information activities are conducted, are: undeveloped social and road infrastructure, problems with the improvement of house territories, the change of the management company from the developer to third-party organizations, negative reviews on various sites.

The campaign presents the following tasks:

  • Investigate the information field in order to identify quantitative and qualitative indicators ofthe company’s activities
  • Analyze and identify the weaknesses and strengths of construction projects
  • Prepare a database of agents to work with negative mentions and form a positive image in social networks
  • Determine the policy of interaction with potential and current customers of the customer
  • Post positive reviews on thematic sites
  • Post information guides on social networks characterizing the developer on the positive side

The “GlavSovetnik” also provided:

  • Monitoring and posting negative news about competitors in the construction market in a given region
  • Posting news about the development of infrastructure in areas where construction facilities are located
  • Maintaining community groups in social networks
  • Monitoring of community chats

The results of the campaign were:

  • Rejection of third-party management companies
  • Reduction of the percentage of negative reviews on feedback platforms, social networks andchat rooms
  • Increase of the audience loyalty to the construction company