The reputation management project for the largest regional developer is based on continuous monitoring of brand mentions and landmark projects in the mass media and social media. In some cases, the specialists of the “Glavniy Sovetnik” provide the Client with situational monitoring and analytical notes on the target audience’s perception of certain events in the real estate market of the region. These information summaries are used to make management decisions for the brand promotion, they allow to build an effective PR program and strengthen trust in the brand of potential customers and partners.


In the usual mode, the monitoring notification is provided to the Client once a week. The document contains systematic links to publications with references to a fixed set of keywords. Depending on the information agenda and the activity of users, such mentions can be from 250 to 500 or more per week. For each of the mentions, the informational reason, tone, potential audience and a number of other indicators are determined. At the end of each week, a conclusion is formulated with a list of “problematic” topics and forecasts of their development, indicating the main platforms of information dissemination and users’ communication.


As a result of working with the information field, it was possible to reduce the number of negative mentions of the brand by an average of 40%, to neutralize activities that pose reputational risks for the Developer’s brand and individual projects. It was also possible to focus the attention of users on the expressed merits of the Developer, which were rarely mentioned earlier. This, and also the active work to rescue defrauded equity holders, and the comprehensive development of individual territories, and a high assessment of the achievements by the expert community.