Snapchat entered the top-5 social networks

Snapchat entered the top-5 most popular social networks in Russia for the first time, according to a study by Mediascope. In six months, its monthly audience has doubled: from 1.7 million users in December 2018 to 3.2 million in June 2019.


The American social network has taken the place of the popular social network “My World”, which is a part of the Group. In 2014, the monthly audience of the service reached 25 million users, but by 2017 it dropped to 9 million, and in 2019 it dropped to 3.18 million people altogether.


The first on Mediascope’s list by the summer of 2019 in terms of the number of monthly users were VKontakte with 37.9 million people, Instagram with 30.6 million, Odnoklassniki with 23.1 million and Facebook with 21.6 million.


Mediascope estimates the audience of projects among users aged 12 to 64 living in cities with a population of over 100,000 people.



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