Conducting comprehensive research on a wide range of topics


Conducting comprehensive research of a wide thematic focus and various formats on the territory of the Russian Federation. In the course of the research, more than 20 thousand people were interviewed.


So, in 2018, on the request of one of the enterprises of the metallurgical industry, in a short time, a research project “General sociological study of the main parameters of the quality of life of the population and the state of human resources in the municipal districts of the region” was implemented in one of the regions of the Russian Federation. Qualitative and quantitative research was carried out during the project. 2.5 thousand people were interviewed with questionnaires. In addition to the questionnaire survey, as part of the study, in-depth interviews with specialized experts were conducted.


The comprehensive report included the results of sociological research in the form of tables of the linear frequency distribution of the questions of each questionnaire by the type of the respondent population (urban population interviewed in the city; rural population interviewed in rural areas), by districts as a whole and by municipalities, together with comments (in the form of paired dependencies according to gender and age characteristics).