Boris Molodov, Managing Partner of the CA “GlavSovetnik”, took part in a meeting of the Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Association of Managers.


Top managers of such companies as Ernst and Young, Skolkovo, En+ Group, Avito, VkusVill, Zero Waste & Sustainability School, Lamoda also took part in the work of the committee. The discussion was moderated by the First Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Managers Vadim Kovalev and the Chairman of the Committee, Director of the Department of External Communications of En+ Group, Olga Sanarova.


The main agenda of the meeting was the topic of conscious consumption as a key consumer paradigm of our time. Experts in the field of sustainable and environmental development discussed the impact of the trend on the business processes of society.


In recent years, the transition to sustainable development has finally consolidated its status as the main direction of human development in the 21st century. The meeting participants noted the growing popularity of the environmental agenda, without which not a single Russian and international business platform can do.


According to experts, society is paying more and more attention to such categories as sustainable development and the activities of companies in this direction. Responsible consumption and the revitalization of the professional community have created new business requirements. Many companies are already successfully introducing approaches aimed at greening business processes: they develop environmental strategies and programs, receive “green” certification, involve the office in the eco-environment, inculcate corporate eco-habits, and participate in supporting green initiatives.


“Brand credibility directly depends on the company’s impact on society. Sustainable development provides a significant leap in brand popularity. Most of the large company clients we work with are focused on this course and have already incorporated a commitment to environmental standards into their business strategies”, – said Boris Molodov. “As part of cooperation with such companies, our agency acts as a public communicator for the client in terms of information support, providing comprehensive coverage of the company’s activities in the field of sustainable development in the media and the social media”.


Boris Molodov emphasized the relevance of the business agenda, the significance and importance of the issues discussed at the ECO Committee, and also expressed gratitude to the Chairman of the Committee of the Association of Managers for inviting the CA “GlavSovetnik” to participate in its work. The Committee is the leading expert platform in the field of sustainable and environmental development of territories. In total, the Committee includes more than 130 companies – members of the Association of Managers, implementing sustainable development programs in the field of ecology.


At the end of the discussion, all the participants in the committee meeting concluded that the transition of society to conscious consumption is not far away: the formation of eco-culture and the introduction of eco-friendly practices in all spheres of life is just a matter of time.