In the context of rapid changes that have affected absolutely all areas of business, including the communications industry, the agency initiated a study to identify what global trends have emerged inour area, in terms of personnel issues.

Are we threatened with oversaturation of the personnel market due to the withdrawal of some international agencies? What tracks of personnel policy are now the most beneficial for the successful functioning of the company? Have salary expectations of specialists and proposals of employers changed? These are some of the main research questions.

To obtain relevant data and create high-quality analytics based on the results of the survey, it is necessary to participate in the study of direct market players in the field of communications. In this regard, we ask all colleagues to join the study and take the survey.

Link to the questionnaire:

The results of the study will be presented at a round table, which will be organized by the“GlavSovetnik” Communications Agency, Digital-agency “Interium” and by the Association of Managers of Russian in a hybrid format, tentatively scheduled for mid-April 2022.