The communication agency “GlavSovetnik” entered the TOP-30 of the National rating of communication companies NR2K-2022

The Russian Academy of Public Relations (RAOS) and the “Kommersant” Publishing House announced the results of the anniversary X-National-Rating of communication companies NR2K-2022.

Boris Molodov, General Director of the “GlavSovetnik” CA: “This is another great victory for us!Compared to last year, the agency has risen in the ranking by as many as 18 positions. This proves once again that our company is developing dynamically and continues to gain recognition from the market,experts and colleagues. I would like to sincerely thank the organizers of the NR2K-2022 rating and, ofcourse, our highly professional team for their excellent work!”

According to Vitaly Rasnitsyn, President of the Russian Academy of Public Relations, “the participation ofa communication company in the NR2K rating is a good signal for existing and potential customers.NR2K is compiled for the tenth time, and we see steady development, which allows us to confidently look ahead, despite the existing global challenges for the market.”

Vyacheslav Laschevsky, co-chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Communications Industry at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, notes that “by the end of 2021, the communication market inRussia exceeded 1.6 trillion rubles for the first time”. More than 50 thousand companies work in the professional communication market. The number of employees in seven sectors of the industry is morethan 320 thousand people. “Communication companies make a significant contribution to the development of the country’s economy and social sphere. The market is being transformed, and companies have something to offer the state and business”, V.Laschevsky is sure.

Among the priority issues of market development, representatives of communication companies pay attention to the inclusion of professional communications in the list of sectors of the economy, the development of professional standards, updating the educational standard, making changes to the OKVED (All-Russian classifier of types of economic activity).

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