On December 20, the Foundation of the Development of Media Communications and the Information Society, the “Business News Media” publishing group (publisher of “Vedomosti”), and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) signed an agreement on cooperation in creating the Global Business Media Association.

The purpose of the association is to form a global media partnership focused on the free exchange of expert, analytical and scientific knowledge on topical issues and the development of constructive cooperation in the field of international journalism and mass communications.

Under the agreement, the Foundation assumes the organizational and administrative burden connected with the creation of the Association; informational and analytical support of the project will be provided by the “Business News Media” publishing group, meanwhile the scientific, educational and academic support – by the MGIMO Institute.

It is expected that by the beginning of 2022 the Global Business Media Association will acquire legal status. Currently, the organizing committee of the Association is in negotiations with potential participants of the partnership, including business media, universities, scientific expert centers specializing in the study of multiple sectors of the economy and the research of various spheres ofhuman activity in the global world.

“We believe that the global audience, regardless of income, and no matter what language they speak,deserves to have equal access to knowledge regarding the future of the planet and understanding the development trends of various fields of knowledge and industries related to human life and sustainable development of all continents; to a wide range of world leaders and thinkers. When developing this project, we pursued the goal of consolidating international experience, the so-called national “best practices”, and contributing, within the framework of joint resources, to the solution of global problems,responses to the challenges that humanity faces,” said Ivan Eremin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of the Development of Media Communications and the Information Society,explaining the intent of the project.

I. Eremin also expressed confidence that the support of the initiative from such a large and reputable university as the MGIMO Institute will provide multilingual access to the content of the global professional audience, and the accumulated experience and international contacts will allow building a high-quality expert environment that will be ever so useful to business media and their readers around the world.

“A modern university cannot develop effectively without constantly deepening ties with the media and media associations. We are pleased to participate in the creation of such an association. This once again proves our intention to work closely with the entire field of journalism, especially with the sector ofbusiness journalism represented by the “Vedomosti” newspaper and the association we are establishing today. I am confident that MGIMO will become a reliable and effective partner for GMBA,” said MGIMO Rector, Academician Anatoly Torkunov.

“The “Business News Media” actively cooperates with MGIMO and other leading academic centers such as the National Research University of Higher School of Economics and the Vienna University of Businessin the implementation of informational and educational projects. Experience shows that such collaboration is very effective for both organizers and program participants.

For our publishing group, the development of this project is a key priority of the international strategy.The creation of a global partnership opens up unique audience, content and theme opportunities for us.I hope that very soon “Vedomosti” readers will be able to fully appreciate the benefits of our participation in the Association,” says Mikhail Nelyubin, General Director of the “Business News Media”.

“Global Business Media Association aims to become an ecosystem of leading media outlets on six continents to deliver socially relevant information products, expert commentary and analysis on a range of global issues to the global audience. These issues include the climate agenda, issues of socio-economic transformation in the post-COVID period, the topics of sustainable development of territories,the introduction of innovations and ESG principles in the activities of global companies, the development of the digital economy, new standards in the development of science, healthcare and education, the search for best business and management practices in the conditions of a transforming global economy, designing the image of the future in all spheres of human activity,“ – emphasized I.Eremin.