The communications sector will overcome the crisis relatively easily and will recover quickly after the situation stabilizes, says Boris Molodov, “GlavSovetnik” Executive Director.


He expressed this opinion in a video interview with the “Federalpress” resource. As B.Molodov notes, during the crisis “the demand for PR services will be quite large one way or another. Those companies that continue to operate in these conditions are focused on their core activities, it is extremely difficult for them to communicate on their own”.


After the situation stabilizes, the demand for communication services “will only grow”. So, according to the Executive Director of the “GlavSovetnik”, it happens in every crisis – companies first cut budgets for PR and marketing, cut staff, and then the demand rises sharply.


At the same time, B.Molodov notes that the PR industry is better prepared than others for the situation of forced self-isolation.


“We are not connected with production cycles, with deliveries, with a specific location. Many companies in our industry have sufficient experience in working remotely, working with distributed resources”, he says.
B.Molodov also noted that “the task of the industry now is to provide assistance to those who are experiencing the hardest time of crisis – small and medium-sized businesses, and for this in the near future the “GlavSovetnik” will launch an appropriate resource”.