The Kronstadt historical and cultural complex Fort “Konstantin” hosted the second stage of the Vedomosti business regatta, which was held as part of the music, sports and gastronomy festival “Sails of Kronstadt”.

For the second year in a row, “Sails of Kronstadt” has become one of the brightest and most popular parties of the SPIEF. The festival has become a platform that harmoniously combines sports, culture and business. We received a lot of positive feedback, which suggests that the guests and participants had a wonderful time and got a lot of unforgettable impressions. And this, in my opinion, is the most valuable thing”, says Ksenia Shoigu, head of the project office for the creation of the tourist and recreational cluster “Island of Forts”.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Business News Media”, publisher of “Vedomosti”, Ivan Eremin,for his part, notes: “We are glad that we were able to complement this holiday with a sports drive and vivid impressions and achievements.” “Vedomosti Business Regatta unites active and business people of different ages who are sincerely devoted to their work and the “sea brotherhood”. It allows you to reveal your talents and the best human qualities that are required at sea – courage, endurance, a sense of elbow”, he is convinced. “Holding a series of Russian stages of the Vedomosti business regatta has become a good tradition for “Vedomosti” and our partners. And wherever our competitions take place –here in St. Petersburg on the Baltic, in the Black Sea, in Moscow – they are always popular”.

The title partner of the Vedomosti business regatta was the Roscongress Foundation. The sailing races were held as part of the sports and entertainment program of the anniversary St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

“The Vedomosti regatta gave the participants of SPIEF-2022 an opportunity to confirm their readiness tofight. In any direction, in any conditions. The most important thing for us now, in sports and in work, isto learn how to create a symbiosis of professionalism, fighting spirit and physical endurance”, said Andrey Reut, 1st Deputy Director of the Roscongress Foundation.

The popularity of the sailing regatta as an active business holiday is growing. On June 18, 19 crews showed up. Among them were both experienced teams and national newcomers. The races were held intwo divisions. The first one is formed of quite experienced yachtsmen who, after a quick briefing, wentto the water area. The technical partner of the regatta, ZIGZAG Sailing Club, conducted a real detailed introduction to sailing for those who went sailing for the first time at a briefing instruction, which resembled a student lecture.

The first starts of the race day were held on almost smooth water under a clear sky, and the last starts ofthe second division caught a good Baltic wind with rain. This explains the different number of races forthe divisions: the first managed to hold 3 starts in the allotted time, and the second division — 4 races.

The emotions and impressions of beginners are the sincerest. Boris Molodov, General Director of the“GlavSovetnik” Communication Agency: “This was the first sailing experience for us. We just got a lot of crazy experiences. At first it was not easy, but then the sports excitement took off, our team did everything to work together and resist strong winds and waves. Although we didn’t win, but, as theysay, the main thing is to participate and try. I would like to emphasize that such events are very important for the business community, because they contribute to effective networking in the best way possible, and sport in general always brings us closer. I thank the organizers of the Vedomosti business regatta, you gave us a truly cool weekend!”

Natalia Zimerman, Head of the Tinkoff Premium Growth team: “Sailing teaches you to work in
conditions of high uncertainty. Teams have to make decisions taking into account the elements of wind
and water and the position of the rival boats. The same thing is happening now in life and in business,
where our decisions are strongly influenced by external constraints. Interaction within the team is also
very important in yachting. Built communication, coherence of actions and understanding of
responsibility leads to a breakthrough result. This is the approach that should now be applied within
each company”.

The “Dobroflot” Company Group has become a partner of the Vedomosti business regatta this season.”In the current conditions, the value of well-coordinated teamwork increases daily, which allows us to act according to the intended plan despite any changes in external conditions. And this is confirmed byboth working on a fishing boat and participating in a sailing regatta. The fishermen of the “Dobroflot”Company Group, like no one else, understand the importance of a strong team — it is on the water that the main qualities of each of the crew members are manifested: resilience, reaction speed and willingness to lend a hand to their comrade”, said Mikhail Sokolov, head of the press service of the“Dobroflot” Company Group.

“Our regatta is gaining momentum. Our ranks are replenished, there are more and more teams. By expanding the geography of the Vedomosti business regatta, we are popularizing new water areas for sailing and recreation. Domestic tourism should receive a strong impetus for the development of the necessary infrastructure so that the unique natural potential of Russia becomes more and more attractive! Among the participants of our sailing races are representatives of various spheres of business and government. Join us! We’re moving on! The next races are already in July on the Black Sea”, said Mikhail Nelyubin, General Director of “Business News Media” JSC, publisher of the “Vedomosti”business newspaper.