V All-Russian Forum “Cities of Russia 2030” – development prospects and directions

On November 17, Yekaterinburg hosted the 5th All-Russian Forum “Cities of Russia 2030”.

Within the framework of the forum, experts and heads of cities discussed the prospects and directions for the development of municipalities.

Ekaterina Kovarina, Head of the Research Department of the “GlavSovetnik”, spoke as an expert at thesession of the PROtourism Forum and spoke about the experience of branding territories in the regions and cities of our country.

The main idea of Ekaterina’s speech was the message that branding and communication strategies of territories are necessary today not only for the development of the tourism sector, but also to increase the economic and investment attractiveness of the region.

During the discussion, the experts of the session came to the conclusion that competent branding begins with research and cannot be separated from the background of the territory.

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