VR / AR technologies as a new way of communication

Technology does not stand still. Until recently, people received basic information through material text carriers, they were replaced by audio and visual methods of presentation, but now the era of communications in augmented and virtual reality is coming. While VR / AR technologies are not widespread among the mass user and are rare, they are still definitely behind the future of communications in the long term.


VR / AR technology was created to break the boundaries between man and virtuality, and the one who is the first to master full-fledged communications in this area will be able to gain a foothold in the advertising format for a long time. The first steps in this area are being taken by global brands. The Swedish company IKEA has already developed a special application based on AR-technologies, which allows you to supplement the apartment space with furniture from the store.


Or remember the sensational game “Pokemon GO” in 2016, news about which was published in every edition. The use of AR technology played into the hands of Rocketbank, which launched a campaign among its clients, in which bonus points will be presented for each Pokémon caught in the branches of the “Otkritie” partner bank. Such communications are aimed at creating new emotions and impressions for a person and have a WOW-effect on the audience.


VR can be further seen as a new offshoot of content marketing, or even improved content marketing, where the emphasis will be on brand or situation storytelling. A kind of visual journalism of the 12th century. As an example of the joint application of PR and VR, we can recall the action of Amnesty International in 2015. Then on the streets of London they offered to try on “Virtual reality of Aleppo”, which showed the destroyed streets of the city after the bombing. The results of the campaign led to increased online discussion of the issue.


Another possible way to use VR can be for political purposes, government relations and public meetings, where people can feel themselves as a direct participant in what is happening or even take part in them.
With regards to crisis situations, even there you can find a place for the application of new technologies. Instead of talking about remedial action taken, the company will be able to visually show audiences and make it exciting.


Thus, the merging of the virtual and physical world takes place. In the medium to long term, VR will have a tangible impact on PR communications.

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