Creating a brand positioning concept is a laborious process. The brand allows you to influence consumers, create strong associations with the company and stand out from the rest. Concept development takes place in several stages:


  • Definition of target audience and its needs. It is necessary to determine what the target audience needs, its age and where it lives, etc.
  • Creation of company attributes. A company needs a logo, slogan and clear identity. It should be associated with certain qualities and lifestyle.
  • Basic ideas and positioning method. When creating, it is necessary to stand out from the background of other competitors, difference from other products or connection with a certain situation. For example, many people associate Coca-Cola with the New Year.
  • Implementation stage. At this stage, it is necessary to make contact with the audience, select promotion methods and use them, showing the characteristics of the company and brand.
  • Conduct a performance analysis. The main performance criteria are sales growth, brand awareness, or brand mentions.


The stages show that this is a difficult path, which the GlavSovetnik is ready to take