What is the power of PR? What is the image of the PR manager of our time? Today, on the PR-Specialist Day, we asked the staff of the CA “GlavSovetnik” to answer this main question of the day.


Boris Molodov, Managing Partner of the CA “GlavSovetnik”: “In my opinion, the power of PR is identical to the power of the company’s success!”


Ekaterina Kovarina, Head of the Research and Social Projects Department of the “GlavSovetnik”: “A cool PR specialist is a cube of sociability, thousands of connections, the ability to make even an introvert talk. And also, he competently chooses the channels and target audience, and he is a great fellow if he consults with a marketer”.


Olga Yevtushenko, Head of Customer Service Department of the CA “GlavSovetnik”: “If we compare a company with a ship, then it is the PR-manager who determines under which flag the ship should sail, how the captain, together with his team, will saddle the ninth shaft, and, how to become your own among the natives. And if the ship has never gone beyond its port, then only a PR specialist will be able to create a legend about his glorious deeds, which even the captain himself will believe in!”.


Victoria Polikarpova, PR-director of the CA “GlavSovetnik”: “PR is like an endgame in chess, where the main task is not to checkmate, but to find the right strategy to bring the pawn to queen and achieve a decisive advantage”.


Aleksey Natalyin, Chief client manager of the CA “GlavSovetnik”: “A PR specialist must be 100% erudite and constantly be on the agenda, and this is difficult: there is a lot of news, but there is only one head, which must also solve the most ordinary working moments … ”.