“GlavSovetnik” has compiled a rating of premium settlements in the Moscow region

The Research and Social Projects Department of the CA “GlavSovetnik” (Instratcom) has compiled a rating of the premium segment settlements closest to Moscow.


In the study, the experts used factors that did not depend on the developers: the availability of forests, water bodies, the availability of infrastructure, the proximity of access roads. The number of likes and positive reviews with the mention of villages in social networks played a significant role in determining the preferences of the audience. All factors were assessed on a ten-point scale. With an equal amount, the higher place in the rating is occupied by the village with the highest rating in the “media” factor.


The study revealed a change in preferences in the choice of premium residential communities. The shift to remote work during the pandemic has highlighted the demand for buying real estate away from densely populated areas, in a forested area in close proximity to a body of water for outdoor walks.


Buyers of suburban real estate attributed the infrastructural advantages to the proximity to highways, retail outlets, schools, banks, post offices and medical institutions. As a negative factor, consumers noted the proximity to the railway or the airport, the noise of which is annoying.


As for the directions, the most popular are the villages located along the Novorizhskoye and Leningradskoye highways. Their key advantage is that in these directions you can relatively quickly get to the center of Moscow by your own car.


Among the leaders of the rating there is only one village located outside the Moscow region, namely in the Tver region. The proximity of the Volga River, the availability of VIP infrastructure, including a helicopter port, and the fact that all communications are included in the cost of the acquired property played a role here. The study showed that modern proposals in the premium segment are not inferior to secondary urban development in terms of status and comfort, and sometimes they are more affordable in price.

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