How not to go crazy with information? The RIF gives the answer

The 26th Russian Internet Forum has ended!

Three days of brilliant performances, useful insights and live communication are behind us.

Today, at the AKOS section, we talked about how the digital language is changing, about the transition to new platforms, figured out the subtleties of media consumption and media hygiene, decided which strategy to choose in the modern information flow and how not to go crazy from the abundance of information.

The topic was discussed by:

• Roman Marinets, Director of the Digital Department of the “GlavSovetnik” Communications Agency

• Aita Luzgina, Partner, Project Director of the digital agency “Interium”

• Andrey Ermoshkin, Commercial Director of the digital agency “Interium”

• Lilia Glazova, Chairman of AKOS, CEO of “PR News”

• Artem Minaev, Deputy Director of the “Istoki” Endowment Fund

Roman Marinets told how not to go crazy from a huge amount of information: “It is important to know and understand certain mental processes that occur in our head when we consume information. One ofthe most important and most cunning traps of the mind is cognitive distortion, which affects absolutely all messages directed at us. Knowing and recognizing the mechanisms of their action, as well as including critical thinking, we can easily bypass these traps and perceive information objectively.”

Congratulations to colleagues and partners on the completion of such a large-scale forum!

See you next year!

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