How to get a regional customer on a good budget — advertising expansion of regional business

The Silver Mercury 2022 Festival has completed its work.

Two days, 48 hours, of the business program brought together specialists in communications, marketing and advertising industry.

The Communication Agency “GlavSovetnik” co-organized one of the sessions of the program: “Moscow has its limits! How to get a regional customer on a good budget— advertising expansion of regional business “.

The session was moderated by the PR Director of Silver Mercury 2022 – Alina Belkovskaya.

Among the speakers were Commercial Director of the Communications Agency“GlavSovetnik” Alexander Pisarevsky, Deputy Director General of the Institute of Strategic Communications and Social Projects (Instratcom) Ekaterina Kovarina,Deputy General Director of the Public Opinion discussion platform Nina Isaichenko,Advertising Director of Vedomosti newspaper Roman Godin.

“The issue of finding new clients for agencies in the regions is now of great relevance. In fact, many were not quite ready for this. Of course, there is no ideal algorithm for solving such a problem, but the method presented by us is accessible and understandable to almost every communication agency. In this case, we propose to look differently at the familiar media analytics tools and use them to analyze the position of individual companies in the market and, accordingly, in the informational space. As the head of a company that specializes in such work, Iwould like to note that the success of the correct search for clients in this way andthe preparation of a commercial offer for them will depend on the qualifications ofthe information processing analyst” — Ekaterina Kovarina (Instratcom).

During the session, the speakers told how to look for regional customers and what to offer them, how to negotiate with them, what needs they need to fulfill, what common regional difficulties agencies face when moving to the regions, and how to overcome these difficulties, what tools really work in the regions and how to earn there, what new tools and non-standard approaches can be used — while large advertising budgets are in question and many companies have taken a wait-and-see attitude, regional businesses are looking for access to the Moscow and even federal markets and are expanding their presence in the regions.

Alexander Pisarevsky (CA “GlavSovetnik”): “To increase the revenue of communication agencies by replenishing client portfolios with regional businesses,an approach based on the analysis of development projects initiated by regional authorities can be used. State programs involving the infusion of budgetary funds or private-public financing into large projects always stimulate activity in related”project” industries. This “side effect” of government initiatives creates both new opportunities and new problems for business, the solution of which often lies in attracting PR professionals. If we can simulate the “side effects” of government programs in advance, then we can prepare proposals for business in advance, being at the right time and in the right place.”

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