What difficulties do federal PR specialists experience when working with regional journalists? The list of problems will be extensive and you can list sensitive topics all day long. But we have prepared some tips on how to increase the chances of effective publication in regional media:


1. Linking news to a place.


Regional and federal media are very different. The company can develop a quality product, the federal media will write about it with pleasure, but in the region the system starts to malfunction. The problem lies in the lack of regional binding. Journalists see no point in writing about things that are not interesting to readers. Visitors go to the site to read about local events and incidents. Therefore, journalists are advised to think over the binding to the region.


2. It is always necessary to take into account the interests of a wide range of readers.


The regions are dominated by mass media of a public entertainment nature, and the most relevant news may be the program of a local holiday. Therefore, when working with regional publications, it is necessary to take into account the usefulness and interest of the proposed topic for a wide audience.


3. Host local media events.


They are not so spoiled on press tours. Therefore, if a company presents a new product or service, but does it in an interesting way, then journalists will be eager to attend the event.
Provide interesting statistics.


4. The publications will gladly publish statistics characterizing the region or city. Yandex often provides summaries of the most popular requests from residents of various regions, which immediately appear on the pages of the publication.


The work of a PR specialist implies an individual approach to each type of media and the success of a PR campaign depends on how the interaction is built.