This opinion was shared by the executive director of the “GlavSovetnik” Boris Molodov with the publication “Federalpress” in the material devoted to the present and future of the PR, marketing and advertising market.


In his opinion, all market sectors are now experiencing serious stress and the PR and marketing industry is no exception. “We completely unexpectedly found ourselves in a completely new reality,” notes B.Molodov. “The change is about even the simplest things, not to mention business processes”.


At the same time, the executive director of the “GlavSovetnik” is convinced that it will be difficult to adapt to the new conditions, but it is possible. In the medium term, communication companies will look for new ways of communicating with clients and with society, new opportunities to make themselves known, new players will appear in the field of distance education, online retail, and new content projects.


According to B. Molodov, the advantage will go to those players in the sector who have already mastered the mechanisms of distributed and remote work in one way or another, and who are constantly coming up with new solutions. He believes that in these conditions, companies focused on working with large and ultra-large clients are more likely to lose.


“As for us directly, the “GlavSovetnik”, I can say that we have the necessary experience, we are ready to apply it and share it”, says the director.