Promotion of the company in social networks

At the beginning of 2022, a large industrial company approached the “GlavSovetnik” Communication Agency with a request for promotion in social media. The purpose of the information campaign was to increase awareness and attract the attention of the general public to the activities of the Russian non-ferrous metallurgy company.

The SMM department specialists were assigned the following tasks:

  • definition of the company’s promotion strategy in social networks;
  • development of a unique content plan and visual series;
  • community design and optimization;
  • support and maintenance of company accounts in social networks;
  • setting up and launching targeted advertising;
  • monitoring of brand mentions in social networks;
  • tracking feedback and leveling negativity from the audience;
  • preparation of analytics and reports every month.

Every day, the “GlavSovetnik” provides an active information campaign to its client and strives to increase the loyalty of the audience.

In the first months of the SMM promotion, the results that were noted are:

  • the growth of subscribers in each community;
  • the increase of brand awareness in the media space.

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