What options for interaction with the press can be used in your work?


  • Informal meetings. These are “no tie” meetings. This way you can strengthen friendly contacts with journalists.
  • Product presentation. As a rule, it is held a few days before the official announcement for consumers and comes in a closed format.
  • Press tours and open days. Typical for large businesses, factories and manufacturers. Allows journalists to get acquainted with the “inner kitchen” of the company.
  • Press conferences and briefings. This type of informational event is carried out when there is a serious news feed. The reason may be: presentation of a new product, crisis situation, announcement of company
  • results, company merger, etc.


Press breakfasts. The format of the meeting is less formal than press conferences, but journalists loyal to the company are invited. Controversial situations and a local event are discussed
If a company needs help with organizing work with the media, then contact us. We will advise and help with that.