Corporate team building in the format of a team coach session took place at the communication agency “GlavSovetnik”.


The team of the “GlavSovetnik” is growing and developing. For the first time, the entire staff of the company met at a corporate event that brought together the colleagues from Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and Vladivostok.


The idea to conduct team-building training arose from the need to present the updated structure of the company, introduce colleagues from different regions of the country to each other, improve communication skills and analyze teamwork.


The author’s course “Listen and Hear” from business coach Ilya Slobodin was developed specifically for the tasks of the team building “GlavSovetnik” and is aimed at developing the professional and business competencies of the participants. The training program was divided into several blocks and was held in the format of a business game.


In the first part of the meeting, the agency staff learned about the specifics of their professional activities, the interests and values ​​of their colleagues. The second block “Playing with a rope” required the participants to apply leadership qualities and analytical skills, the ability to work in a team. After a thorough search and several options for solutions, the most effective strategy for getting out of a difficult situation was chosen.


At the “Lego session”, specialists honed their skills in non-verbal communication and tested their ability to make compromises: with the help of facial expressions and gestures, they visualized the values ​​and goals of the company, embodying the idea conceived by the coach from the construction set.


Boris Molodov, Managing Partner of the CA “GlavSovetnik”, noted the importance of conducting such trainings for the professional growth of employees and the development of the company.


“The conventional wisdom that professional competencies are enough for effective work is wrong. In our business, the successful implementation of any project largely depends on “flexible” skills: the ability to conduct a constructive dialogue, build competent communication with clients, have emotional intelligence, correctly position oneself in the professional community, manage conflicts and work independently in a team”, – emphasized Boris Molodov. “In the conditions of our time, when more than half of the personnel in communication agencies have switched to telecommuting and interact with each other at a distance, possession of soft-skills is becoming indispensable in solving many problems. The training helps to get to know each employee outside their social roles, to identify leadership qualities in order to further take into account their peculiarities and direct them in the right direction to achieve the strategic goals of the company. Having received valuable experience and feedback from our colleagues, we plan to continue to conduct corporate teambuilding in a similar format; develop a corporate culture aimed at creating a comfortable internal environment, productive work and team rallying into a single whole”.


The main asset of the event was the knowledge gained during the training, which the staff of the “GlavSovetnik” will be able to apply in their work and implement in their divisions.