A recent study by the analytics service TGstat has shown that the audience of the messenger is “aging” in comparison with 2017. If earlier users 18-24 years old accounted for 40% of the audience, now their share has decreased to 27%. The age group “25-34” has increased in volume by 1 percentage point and is now 38%. Categories “35-44” and “45-64” also gained in their mass and make up 17% and 10%, respectively.


The sphere of activity of Telegram users also stands out: IT-sphere (26.7%), manufacturing (10.6%), also marketing and PR (9.4%). The largest number of users, as expected, is “scattered” across Moscow – 36%, St. Petersburg – 13%, and quite a bit in Yekaterinburg – 2.8%. 41% of users receive a salary of up to 45k rubles, and 32% – 46-90k rubles.


It is also worth noting that the messenger is not yet saturated with ads in comparison with other social networks. Often only 50% encounter it, rarely see 40% and never see only 10%. This shows the huge potential for running a messenger business. Do not forget that the share of engagement in the messenger is almost 80%, and the overwhelming majority read news and educational channels.


More information about the statistics can be found here: https://tgstat.ru/research