The results of the first day of the National Advertising Forum “Regions” in Yekaterinburg. The event became the first large-scale professional offline event in the advertising industry in two years.


The business program of the first day consisted of 12 events in the format of summits, sections and discussions on topics relevant to the industry.


The experts from the NAF “Regions” agreed that the regional advertising market is steadily recovering from the pandemic. Thus, according to ACAR, in the post-crisis year, the Russian regional advertising market exceeded the indicators of the crisis year in 2020 by 10%, and its value exceeded the mark of 18 billion rubles. All segments of the advertising market in Yekaterinburg, with the exception of the press, showed positive dynamics, and the total value exceeded 1 billion rubles, which is 27% more than in the first half of 2020.


The Forum began its work with a plenary session “Pandemic as a Growth Point for a New Advertising Market”. Representatives of leading companies in the media communications industry discussed the current state of the market and its individual segments, the impact of global changes on technology development and the emergence of new advertising tools.


Substantive sections were devoted to different sectors of the industry. At the TV Summit, the main emphasis was placed on the transformation of classic television advertising with a focus on the integration with digital world, the development of interactivity and on the targeted content delivery. The speakers noted that the synergy between TV and Internet advertisements increases the economic effect of advertising.


Radio is facing similar challenges, noted the participants of the session “Audio Ad: The Future of Audio Content in the Regions”. The regional market is reviving at a rapid pace, and radio is a popular channel for advertisers in Russian cities. However, according to the speakers, the players should work both on expanding the client base and on the technologies used. In particular, it is necessary to use digital tools for the distribution of radio content, which help to reach a new audience.


Special attention at the NAF “Regions” was paid to the work of small businesses on advertising promotion. Speakers of the session “SMEs. Effective Advertising with a Minimum Budget” revealed the tricks for increasing the efficiency of investments and saving time for other tasks. Entrepreneurs shared their successful cases, and representatives of the agency and IT giants spoke about developments for business clients.


Participants of the session “MarTech: What Opportunities Technology Open Up to Brands. New when working with data, with the media and with meanings” dealt with modern digital gimmicks for marketing. Brand representatives shared how they managed to improve business performance using digital audience markup.


At the discussion of digital tools in advertising, the speakers shared applied techniques for building a content strategy on the Internet, increasing the efficiency of attracting leads and converting potential buyers into real ones.


Two more sections were devoted to evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Representatives of agencies, brands, the Effie Awards Russia festival and the National Business Communication Award discussed the main ways of defining and criteria for determining the effectiveness of promotion.


NAF “Regions” takes place in Yekaterinburg on September 7 and 8. The second day of the forum will be held under the auspices of the First Regional Festival. It will focus on education and creativity. In addition to thematic discussions, guests will enjoy workshops, lectures, and brainstorms with the participation of top managers of advertising agencies – leaders of the ACAR creative rating.


NAF “Regions” is a new project of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia aimed at developing the advertising industry outside the capital. NAF “Regions” brings together local agencies and brands, as well as the largest federal players and leading experts in the Russian advertising industry on one platform


Speakers of the NAF “Regions” are advertising practitioners from agencies, sites, technology platforms, brands, media holdings and research companies.


The idea of ​​a separate large-scale forum with a regional agenda was supported not only by local players, but also by global Russian holdings, companies and platforms. The business program is attended by top managers and experts from Gazprom-Media, Mediascope, National Advertising Alliance, sales house EVEREST, Choose Radio Company Group, Yandex. Business, Deltaplan Group, as well as speakers from Group, Sberbank. In total, more than 60 experts from the advertising industry from all over the country gathered at the NAF “Regions” platform.